On my way to Beijing from Doha


Who am I...

Hello, World Citizens and Traveler Souls.

This is my blog about my first Asian experience. Just a few words about me...I was born and raised in Bulgaria, lived for several years on the African continent, finished my high school studies in France and stayed and worked there for about 7 years.

I had a nice job in the incredible city of Lyon and a pretty good standard of living but I had the constant feeling that I was stuck in one place. I spent some time researching the market and I saw opportunities to work in other industries and other countries.  This is when  I decided to enroll in the International MBA program in the prestigious EM Lyon Business School.

As part of my curriculum I was given the option to choose an exchange program and here I am in CKGSB Beijing for 2 months...Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am sharing this incredible experience with my Danish colleague Christian, who is one of my classmates from the MBA program in Lyon.

Arrived @ destination #CKGSB